Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Knee braces, meditation, and being better

I've lost another 3 lbs as of today. Down to 201. My knew brace arrived yesterday. It was custom fit by J-K Prosthetics in Mt. Vernon, NY. Lynn did a great job. The support it's giving is just what I needed to move without feeling like my knee was about to buckle. 

As I sit riding the lifecycle I'm thinking about what it is to workout. What is your motivation? I've already explained my motivation. But what about for you? What is yours? I know what motivates my body, but what motivates my mind is more important. I'm not motivated by anger, or depression, or vanity. I'm motivating to be the best. To be able to show my villiage that if you put your mind to something you can do it. Whatever it is.

So, starting today let's meditate each morning or evening (which ever makes you happy). Take a few minutes to sit in a quiet area. Close your eyes and listen to your heart beat. Your may only be able to concentrate on one or two beats before your mind distracts itself. But keep trying. The number of beats will get longer each time you sit. Then one day you'll realize you've been sitting for minutes within yourself. 

Life gets better everyday. 

And for everyone in my class:
"We're better because we work harder".


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Say what?

Toward the end of January 208, I went to my general practitioner for my semi annual check up. I was feeling wonderful. The doctor checked my heart. He tapped and poked, and prodded me every which way but loose. He took the requisite blood to be tested. Of course being over the age of 45 I asked about all of the standard tests for prostate and colon cancer. The only thing that had my doctor concerned was that I had gained some weight. He said I needed to eat a bit less and the weight would come down. I left his office feeling pretty good.

A few days later I check my voicemail. There is a message from the doctor. He needed me to see me right away. Panic!!!! See me right away? That can not be good. My brain went right into the worst case scenario mode. By the time I got to his office I was a nervous wreck. With the sweat beading up on my brow I at and listened. "John, you have diabetes". What? I don't have cancer? Great.

Then my doctor said the first words that made me start to worry> "Don't worry". "all you have to do is take a little pill". "It'll lower your blood sugar". "Everything will be back to normal". He went on to explain that person's propensity for diabetes is genetic. Ok.  I trusted my doctor. You know what I mean. He's the doctor. I'm the patient. He know best, right?

So like a dutiful patient I took the prescription to the pharmacy and filled. He prescribed "Glyburide". A little green pill that was going to make it all right. I took one the next morning before I went to work. Twenty minutes later I feel like hell. Unbeknownst to me the little green pill had lowered my blood glucose levels so low that I was having a hypoglycemic episode. This"hypo", as they are called, mad me feel horrible. Sweat pouring off of my head and feeling like it was sloshing around in a fishbowl. I figured this was just an early reaction. For the nest two days I felt like crap. 

Then I started to do the research. I googled the medicine. I googled diabetes. I googled anything that I could think of that may be related to diabetes. That's when I started to learn about the adverse side effects. And sure enough what do I find? All of the bg lowering meds had terrible side effects. And what's on the top of the list? Heart related problems. Screeeech!! Hod up! Time out! Heart problems! Now I'm scared again just like I was when I got the first call.

The single most important thing yo need to do to begin to combat your diabetes diagnosis is to learn as much as possible about the ailment. For years all we know was that you would have to take insulin for the rest of your life. We didn't understand or were never taught what the early stages are. If your were told that you had cancer you would attack it with gusto. You would want to know all there is to know.What would your treatment options be? What were the contributing factors?

Next time I'll talk about how I began to turn it around. See you then.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Real fight is with Diabetes

The other purpose of this blog to increase awareness about diabetes. While type 1 diabetes affects many people, overwhelmingly, it is type 2 diabetes that has had the most adverse impact. 

Diabetes has risen to epidemic proportions today. Over 40% of Americans are walking around with diabetes and don't even know it. One of the largest contributions is America's other epidemic: obesity. The funny thing is that type 2 diabetes afflicts people who are not necessarily obese. You know, "I need to lose a few pounds" type of folks. That was me. And even though I live a rather active lifestyle the contributing factors for most are:
  • Genetics- Did  your grand's, great grand's, aunts or uncles, cousins, or mom and dad have diabetes?
  • Lifestyle- How healthy are you? Do you live a sedentary lifestyle? How much exercise do you get?
  • Diet- How much or how little do you eat? What are you eating? What combinations of food do you eat? 
I'll talk about my diabetic horror (well it was horrible to me) story next time:)
Just a hint. It ain't over just because the doctor says so.

This tied for 1st place

This is a glimpse of what's to come. I tied for 1st place at the US Capitol Classic in August of 2008. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Work out Update

I started the new work out schedule on monday. Good results so far. I have 3 1/2 months to lose the 25lbs and be ready for the firs tournament in Pomona California. 

Working on a new blog layout

I've been working on a new three column blog layout all week. Thanks to Vin at betabloggerfordummies.blogspot I have finally got it done. It's important that I have more space to share my teams photos, ad's for thier work setc, etc.