Friday, October 3, 2008

The Real fight is with Diabetes

The other purpose of this blog to increase awareness about diabetes. While type 1 diabetes affects many people, overwhelmingly, it is type 2 diabetes that has had the most adverse impact. 

Diabetes has risen to epidemic proportions today. Over 40% of Americans are walking around with diabetes and don't even know it. One of the largest contributions is America's other epidemic: obesity. The funny thing is that type 2 diabetes afflicts people who are not necessarily obese. You know, "I need to lose a few pounds" type of folks. That was me. And even though I live a rather active lifestyle the contributing factors for most are:
  • Genetics- Did  your grand's, great grand's, aunts or uncles, cousins, or mom and dad have diabetes?
  • Lifestyle- How healthy are you? Do you live a sedentary lifestyle? How much exercise do you get?
  • Diet- How much or how little do you eat? What are you eating? What combinations of food do you eat? 
I'll talk about my diabetic horror (well it was horrible to me) story next time:)
Just a hint. It ain't over just because the doctor says so.


Valash said...

Hello John, my mother just found out she has diabetes at the age of 42 and she is not obese. I would like to learn how to reverse the effects of diabetes.

John Lyons-Sensei Universal Goju Karate School said...

Obesity isn't the only risk factor, though for many people it is a strong one. Did anyone else in your family have diabetes? Did you mom exercise?

The first thing I would suggest is that you read a book called "Reversing Diabetes" by Dr. Julian Whitaker. He also has a few podcasts you could listen to.

One of the things he discusses is that traditional doctors will try to beat your mom's blood sugar (bg) down using prescription drugs. When you do further research you will find that most of the drugs have horrible side effects.

Glycogen is important for your body. Its the fuel the muscles use. Too high a level is just as bad as too low a level. Diabetics strive to gain control over thier bg's . Through diet,supplements, and exercise you can get control.

Let me know if I can help more.
Thanks for your comment. :)