Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Knee braces, meditation, and being better

I've lost another 3 lbs as of today. Down to 201. My knew brace arrived yesterday. It was custom fit by J-K Prosthetics in Mt. Vernon, NY. Lynn did a great job. The support it's giving is just what I needed to move without feeling like my knee was about to buckle. 

As I sit riding the lifecycle I'm thinking about what it is to workout. What is your motivation? I've already explained my motivation. But what about for you? What is yours? I know what motivates my body, but what motivates my mind is more important. I'm not motivated by anger, or depression, or vanity. I'm motivating to be the best. To be able to show my villiage that if you put your mind to something you can do it. Whatever it is.

So, starting today let's meditate each morning or evening (which ever makes you happy). Take a few minutes to sit in a quiet area. Close your eyes and listen to your heart beat. Your may only be able to concentrate on one or two beats before your mind distracts itself. But keep trying. The number of beats will get longer each time you sit. Then one day you'll realize you've been sitting for minutes within yourself. 

Life gets better everyday. 

And for everyone in my class:
"We're better because we work harder".


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